Import OLM File into Mac Mail Quicker Than a Speeding Bullet While Keeping the Data Integrity Safe

Learn how to import OLM file into Mac Mail in just couple of minutes. And how to keep your data integrity safe from being damaged during migration.

 Import OLM file into Mac Mail

OLM file is not compatible with Mac Mail. So that makes importing OLM file into Apple Mail impossible. OLM is a proprietary format by Microsoft that is used solely by Mac Outlook to archive data. It is not read by any program or email client.

Importing data form Mac Outlook to Apple Mail without proper guidance, tools, knowledge, or experience can feel like a nightmare.

But there is a way to do this correctly.

And we are not talking about any of the techniques mentioned below.

Techniques Proven to Hurt You and Your data

We are not talking about simply forwarding the emails to an email account added in Apple Mail. That is plain inefficient and unrealistic.

Nor are we talking about using an IMAP sync method that can destroy your productivity (because it is that long and tedious).

And lastly, we are also not talking about dragging the folders from Mac Outlook to Mac desktop to turn them into generic MBOX files. Yes, this method works and many choose to migrate data this way. However, if you have a couple more than few folders, you are going to regret going this way.

Drag-and-drop technique can take you where you want, if you have one or two email folders. But anymore bigger than that, it is a road sprinkled with myriads of problems.

Third Party Tools to Convert Outlook OLM files

We are talking about using a professional, easy to use, and efficient third party solutions that convert OLM files into MBOX files.

But many of these tools can be even worse than the above mentioned manual techniques. However, if you are a busy person and cannot give away your time to research and find the best OLM to MBOX converter, do not worry. You couldn’t be at the better place, because we have already done it for you.

OLM Extractor Pro” – The Best Mac Application for Converting OLM Files

USL Software is a known for its reliable tools for complex tasks like email migration. They also have a trustworthy tool to convert OLM files to MBOX files.


Called “OLM Extractor Pro,” it is a Mac utility with friendly interface to deal with email migration of Outlook OLM files. And unlike other typical file converters, it has a graphical interface with cleanly organized features, a sharp conversion algorithm to keep the data safe and secure, and a plenty of other functions to allow for flexibility and control.

How to Import (or precisely, convert) OLM file into Mac Mail

Using “OLM Extractor Pro”, the job of converting OLM to Mac Mail (Or Mbox) becomes like a walk in the park.

The first step is to archive the data to OLM files from Mac Outlook. This can be easily be done in few clicks using the import/export feature that can be found by going to ‘File’ in Mac Outlook.

After you have installed the tool, click on ‘Load OLM files’, and choose the OLM files you save above. Next, simply mark the folders you want to convert. The following step will ask you about additional settings or options that you can set according to what you want. And finally, choose ‘Apple Mail’ or ‘Mbox’ from the output format and click ‘Convert’.

The benefit of choosing “MBOX” is that you can then import those files to any email client that support MBOX.

This is how “OLM Extractor Pro” turns a major distressing task into nothing more than a child’s play.

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You can download it now and start using it. Without any activation license, you can convert ten items from each folder to test out the features and the performance.