Best OST to PST conversion Software For Professional Results

OST Extractor Pro” is the best OST to PST conversion software, based on its simple interface and yet advanced features that allow flexibility, accuracy, and much more.

Why it is the best ost to pst converter software

OST and PST are two data files used by Windows Outlook to store data for two different purposes. OST is for allowing users to work even offline, and PST is usually used for archiving data and isn’t limited by the size. Both files have their uses, but they cannot usually be interchanged and fulfill each other’s purposes.

Therefore, there comes a time when you might need to convert OST to PST files. One of the most common reasons to do that is because you have an OST file but no email account in Outlook. And since OST cannot be opened or imported, the data is stuck inside the files. In that case, converting it to PST is a smart solution.

You are most likely here due to the same reason. Or whatever other reasons you may have to convert OST to PST (like data backup), you are going to find the best OST to PST converter software that won’t give you the problems and setbacks that any other ordinary and traditional software does.

OST Extractor Pro”- Simply the Best OST to PST Conversion Software from USL Software!

OST to PST conversion isn’t a simple job. But much of the difficulty and complexities are caused by poorly written software programs. It’s better to avoid them since it is not just your time they may consume but can also harm the integrity of your emails.

Welcome to USL Software! Their excellent software tool called “OST Extractor Pro” works perfectly. It’s range of features, graphical interface, and support makes it the best OST to PST conversion software you can hope to get.


It has the following notable features that you won’t find in any other OST to PST conversion software:
  • It lets you load multiple OST files and to convert them to PST in a single attempt
  • It lets you manually manage the folders you want to don’t want to convert to PST.
  • The tool features accurate algorithms to convert components that are usually missed or partially converted by ordinary tools, such as metadata and headers, email attachments, nested emails, graphical objects, and other similar details.
  • It also maps the folder hierarchy from OST files to PST without any changes.
  • The support for Unicode content will convert non-English text too
  • Quick data conversion

And if we have to mention its single best feature, it would be the interface.

Ost to Pst converter for Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, ANSI OST file

None of the features matter if you can’t use them effectively or without too much of manual efforts. The team designed the UI in such a way that it offers you the freedom to control the aspects of the task without overwhelming you or cluttering the wizard screens. Everything is placed at a correct position to streamline the entire process and to let even the basic non-experienced users make the most out of it.

You can check it out for free by clicking on the link below. Get it running on your Mac and Windows in no time and check out everything in details. You can activate it later whenever you want.

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If you are looking for best ost to pst conversion software, then 'OST Extractor Pro' will be the perfect choice.