Export your OST files to Apple mail using ‘OST Extractor Pro

OST to Apple mail conversion is another unique feature of OST Extractor Pro. The tool makes the conversion easy and accurate.


OST Extractor Pro’ provides safe migration with simple and friendly UI.



OST to Apple Mail Conversion

OST files fails to open in mac because of its incompatible format. It gets very hard to export the files to Apple mail. It gets very necessary to export the files in apple mail because the format is supported by many email clients.

The manual process is time consuming and also comes with no guarantee. What a waste of time if you spend hours on migrating the data and fails to export it accurately. It gets irritating for the user when such situation occurs. But the hassle of converting the data all by yourself is over. Get ready to experience the most amazing tool by the USL Software and convert the OST files into Apple Mail.

Tool is available for both windows and Mac.


Not only Apple mail, the tool can convert the OST files into other formats:

Why is it required to convert the OST files to Apple Mail?

What will you do if you want to export your data from OST files to Mac mail? The OST file format is not compatible with Apple Mail or any other clients. Users face number of issues when it comes to migrate the OST files from exchange servers to the live servers. Also the databases and the file formats are so different in OST and Apple mail that it gets almost impossible to convert them manually.

So how are you going to export your files to Apple Mail? If you were struggling with this question and want to get the perfect solution, you have come to the right place. OST Extractor Pro will do all the migration of your data successfully.

OST Extractor Pro is secure, Accurate, and Easy to use.

 Available for both mac and windows.

The process is simple and can be followed very easily.

Upload your file; choose the folders you wish to export; select the output format; export the file to Apple Mail.

The work is done and you are ready to open your files in the Mac mail.

Unique features that makes it so perfect and top performer in the market:

  • Most Reliable tool.
  • Money back guarantee, if something fails.
  • No loss of data.
  • Most accurate conversion

Get the trial version:

Download the trial version now and start exporting your files to the Apple mail. Test the functionality and export your different files and test it in the Mac environment.

Link for trial version -> https://www.ostextractorpro.com/

Download the software and enjoy all the functionality of the tool.

Get full time experience with the tool by just clicking the link below. Hurry up and make all your work very easy. Get all your work done by the reliable tool - ‘OST Extractor Pro’

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