This is the tool that you need for a successful Apple Mail to PST Conversion

Apple mail to PST Conversion is the most practiced conversion nowadays. Ever since, the huge exodus from Apple mail to Outlook has started, many have been looking for viable ways to convert their Apple mail database to PST format in the shortest and least expensive way possible.

 The conversion process cannot be executed manually and the tools available are completely ill-equipped for the job. Therefore, to show our readers the easiest path to Apple mail to PST Conversion, we have written this article.

The surest way to convert Apple mail database to PST format is through a professional tool and there is no tool in the market like Mail Extractor Pro. There is no tool like it in the market for now. IT has everything from speed to execution. Let’s dive in a little deeper:-


apple mail to pst

SALIENT FEATURES OF Mail Extractor Pro:-

Simple to use

The dream of having a simple and uncomplicated Apple mail to PST Conversion can be materialized now. Mail Extractor Pro is a one way ticket to Apple mail to PST Conversion success. It has an amazing interface which allows users to click their way through any Apple mail related task. The tasks are so amazingly done that never customers feel even a slightest hint of complexity about them. Mail Extractor Pro’s self-explanatory wizards help a lot in this process.

Bulk Conversions

Bulk conversions are pretty normal procedure with Mail Extractor Pro. The tool is known for its high quality bulk conversions. It is able to convert up to 10 GB of Apple mail database in less than 10 minutes. What is astounding about this feature is that it allows us to get over the tedious and boring process of Apple mail to PST Conversion in one session only. This helps is saving energy and a lot of time. Plus, customers can focus on their primary task as usual.

Entire Conversion

Entire Conversion is also possible with Mail Extractor Pro. Mail Extractor Pro can completely convert Apple mail database. The tool has profound features which help convert not only text parts of mail but also nested mails, embedded images and attachments too. This goes without saying that Mail Extractor Pro never loses the quality of conversion in all its efforts and aces every process.

Preserves folder hierarchy

Preservation of folder hierarchy is one of the top priorities of Mail Extractor Pro. This feature helps customers to accurately locate their converted files with ease. This is a huge help in the post-conversion phase and preserves customers’ satisfaction and happiness hard earned in Apple mail to PST Conversion.

Free trial version

More knowledge can be gained through the free trial version of this tool. This demo version has been adorned with all the premium features of Mail Extractor Pro which will help anyone to know this tool for themselves. You can easily download it from Mail Extractor Pro’s website


apple mail to pst conversion

Before downloading the tool, make sure you fulfill these following requirements:-

  • Mac OS 10.6 or higher with all recent updates installed
  • Free hard disk space for proper operation
  • Administrative permissions required for installation.

If you have looked after every detail, then grab Mail Extractor Pro right now!