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transfer eml to pst

Transferring EML to PST is a process in which your contribution ends as soon as the process starts. It sounds a bit odd, but it is true. All of your effort is required before the process starts. It is all about the preparation with the process of moving your data from one file format to another. Keep in mind that this preparation is as hard as the process itself, so, you cannot afford to go lenient with the process.

Transfer EML to PST for Mac & Win Outlook

The entire preparation process revolves around the safety of your data. It should be the priority of your conversion solution and you too. It is because of the fact that your email data can get permanently lost during the task of moving it. The tasks involved in the process of moving your data expose it to all kinds of bugs and errors and damages. The responsibility of shielding it and simultaneously converting it all falls on you and your conversion solutions shoulders.

Carry the responsibility of your data: Mail Extractor Pro

In order to keep all your data safe and sound during the conversion process, you need to turn to third-party converter tools. There is no direct way available to transfer EML data to PST and the manual methods of conversion aren’t just good enough. Therefore, the most popular and recommended solution for the process is third-party converter tools. They are software applications that have the blessing of modern technologies which enable them to tackle the problems involved in the process.

Mail Extractor Pro from USL Software leads the line for them. This third-party converter tool is the best option to get your data converted and keep it safe as well. The tool has an amalgamation of the absolute best features. Everything that the tool offers fits perfectly together and allows you to transfer EML data to PST without any hiccups.

transferring eml to pst

Size of Post conversion PST files won’t be an issue

The PST files produced as the result of the conversion process are imported by Windows Outlook to access the data stored in them. If these PST files are too large to handle for Outlook, it fails to access the data stored in them. Thus, making the entire process a big waste of time and money.

This converter tool ensures that you never end up in a situation like this. The tool provides you with the ability to split large PST files into smaller ones. The tool allows you to manually set the file size limit for the transfer process. Any file exceeding this size is splatted by the tool in a very safe and careful manner. Therefore, making your post EML to PST transfer life easier and keeping your data safe as well.

Smart is the word that defines the tool

When it comes to practically implementing the theory of EML to PST transfer, the tool works very smartly. It not only provides you the option of automatically loading up the email database but also the ability to ignore the files that are of no use.

By selecting a simple option, you can ignore the empty files present in your input email database files. This instructs the tool to not waste time on them and make your conversion process quicker than ever before.

A lot of more similar features are offered by the tool. Download the free trial version of the tool today at