MBOX to PST conversion facility with Absolutely mind-blowing features!

mbox to pst conversion

Converting MBOX to PST is no easy task, one has to get involved at the root level to change the format of their files, even then remains the risk of damage to data. In such a circumstance, Mail Extractor Pro has emerged as the icon of precision and safety in mail conversion. It is undoubtedly the best option to convert MBOX to PST Microsoft Outlook while also the best one with regards to new technology. For instance, its capacity to convert data in the mac itself has completely changed the way mail conversion used to be in the yesteryears.

 Note that It can convert MBOX, Thunderbird, Postbox and Mac Mail to Outlook supported PST file format.

MBOX to PST conversion Tool, that can trust your most fragile and confidential data with

Using this software means ultimate safety against the usual possibilities of damage to data, incomplete conversion and other such threats. It provides the output as a copy of the input, nothing except the format changes.

Always saving time with bulk conversion facility

Saving time almost always comes first in the list of priorities, this software aces that need. Firstly, its capacity to convert data in the mac itself cuts down unnecessary steps. Secondly, it lets one convert data in bulk. To break it down, this feature means that you would be able to convert multiple files in a single batch without any additional effort. It never lets you down, even if the content of your files is complex.

Compatibility with double-byte characters

Mail files contain various types of data, and various types of languages most commonly of all. That is why we have made sure that you can convert files of all languages. Chinese, korean and japanese are the languages that use double-byte characters, this software recognizes them and aids in the smooth conversion of files containing them.

Auto-selection of files

You would not need to select files one by one, you just have to command and this software selects the entire database automatically. Further, it also makes sure that all the data  remains preserved. It preserves not only attachments and other metadata but also details like read/unread status. So, you can find all the data where it is supposed to be without first having to rearrange the files.

Preservation of folder hierarchy

After the MBOX to PST conversion you will find the files in perfect order. They are arranged hierarchically by order of their importance. You can locate any file at any given time without any difficulty.

mbox to pst

User-free interface and bug-free service

With this software you do not have to be worried about bugs and other annoying add-ons. Also, to help new users out, this software comes with an interface designed to guide them at every step. So even if you do not know the basics of mail conversion, this software would provide you the best ever mail conversion service.

To experience this compact mail conversion service you can download the trial version. You can upgrade to the complete version later. Get the link below.

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