Recover the entire data in the process of migrating OST to PST!

migrating ost to pst

More often than not, users face complications of the likes of data corruption, data loss, etc in the process of migrating OST to PST! It can certainly be associated with the use of under-equipped tools for such a demanding task. As such, to eliminate such issues on the go, the users must make use of efficient tool like USL Software’s OST Extractor Pro!

 Migrating OST to PST

OST Extractor Pro is a tool that is quite different from its counterparts. For starters, it is 100% fully-equipped to handle any sort of database that is handed over to it for converting OST to PST. It has complete logics and algorithms that are required to accurately rebuild elements like contacts, calendars, nested messages, graphics, attachments, non-English content, etc. Not only this but also it maintains the folder hierarchy structure of the data files.

This tool ideally creates perfect mirror-images of the OST files in the PST format without leaving even a single speck of data behind. Therefore, if you wish to create fully functional PST files in the process of migrating OST to PST then pick up OST Extractor Pro today itself.

Go on the link below to download a copy of the FREE demo version of the tool!


migrate ost to pst

Face no hiccups in the task of migrating OST to PST!

OST Extractor Pro offers a hassle-free journey to its users who wish to change OST to PST. The tool is highly proficient in addressing the core issues pertaining to this process and thereby the users never fail at the task when making use of this tool.

To begin with, the simple and highly intuitive interface of the tool is completely comprehensible at the very first look. The users, even the beginners, simple have to follow self explanatory steps that lead straight to the final results. These can be categorized as simple choices such as selection of files and folders, selection of output type, etc. In case of any difficulty, the chances of which happening are almost negligible, the users can directly contact the 24*7 customer care channel.

Furthermore, there are brilliant support options laid down along the path of migrating OST to PST which help in making the overall journey even smoother. For instance, the users get an option to convert multiple files in one go with its bulk conversion option. It helps in saving both time and effort spent on the task of migrating OST to PST. Similarly, the options like log report, conversion of 100% data, etc work beautifully towards lightening the burden on the end user.

Get trial copy

One can procure this tool for very little cost by investing in any one of its very affordable license keys. Of that doesn’t seem like a good idea right now then one can also test this tool first via the FREE demo version which allows the conversion of 10 items per folder.

ost to pst migration

Go ahead a download a copy of the tool to start building beautiful files from OST to PST format!