Apple Mail to Entourage Conversion Simplified Considerably

Apple Mail to Entourage conversion always has brought huge complications and unsolvable challenges. Not anymore. With a better data conversion technology, you can do it effortlessly now.

Even though Entourage has been replaced by Outlook in 2010, it is still being used by many users. Perhaps because Outlook has to be purchased as part of Office suite program, but Entourage is free. And for a free program, it has some impressive features that many email clients lack.

But the problem always has been of moving the data to Entourage. If you are thinking of quit using Apple Mail and start trying Entourage, you should know that the transfer of data is going to be bring some complications. First of all, very few programs that claim to convert data are highly incompetent, in the sense that they can't perform complete migration. Some elements are always bound to lose, such as attachments, graphics inside email body, the structure of folder, etc.

But, the good news is that there is a professional third party tool now that you can use to perform your migration seamlessly. It is called “Mail Extractor Max”, and it has some advanced technology for converting the files from Apple Mail to other formats, including Entourage format.

Apart from Apple Mail to Entourage conversions, it also offers the following -

Convert Apple Mail to -

f:id:giriumakant:20160519175123p:plainThere are many other features that make this tool more than a file converter. It gives you certain flexibility in how you want to convert your email data, and allows for better control.

Supports all languages – The benefit of email communication is that you can communicate with the whole world with equal ease and efficiency as you would communicate within the same country. Therefore, email database can show the highest diversity in their languages. “Mail Extractor Max” brings for the first time a fully-developed technology which supports Unicode content and all double-bye characters.

Preserves folder hierarchy – The structure of your folders inside Apple Mail is important and helps you manage emails easily. What if you lose them after conversion to Entourage? Not a pleasurable situation. With “Mail Extractor Max”, you get complete safety and transfer of your folder hierarchy, and with the accuracy to the deepest order of your folders. NO matter how many sub-folders you created within each folder, it will keep all of it same after conversion to Entourage format.

Auto-Load Apple Mail database – Don't have Mbox files? NO issues. Let the tool auto-load your Apple Mail database from its identity folder directly. It interacts with the “Mail” folder that stores everything including emails, contacts, and calendar. That results in quick, safer, and much easier conversions, because it entirely eliminates the need of Mbox files. Although, there is still an option to convert through Mbox files, in case your situation demands that.

Choose Folders for Conversion – One of the very unique and practical function it offers is the ability to deselect or select the folders for conversion, instead of just converting the full database (Or Mbox file) without any choice.


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Give it a go using the trial version. You can download it here. It works for 10 item conversions per folder from Apple Mail to Entourage (or other format).

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