How to migrate Mac mail to Thunderbird

Use Mail Extractor Max for Mac mail to Thunderbird migration

If migrating from Mac mail to Thunderbird is your plan, then make sure that you follow the precautions towards safeguarding your data. Many a times we, in our hurry to get the desired results, skip a few important middle steps.

There are things that you must and must not do while undertaking any kind of process. A list of don’ts for migrating from Mac mail to Thunderbird appears somewhat like this:


-Never upload your data to an un-trusted source

-Never use an unlicensed tool for conversion

-Do not settle for partial conversions


-Ensure safety of data by using a professional tool

-Test the tool beforehand

-Demand comprehensive conversions

After considering the list of do’s and don’ts, we can easily get down to one option as our solution. Mail Extractor Max is an excellent option for migrating from Mac mail to Thunderbird. This professional Mac mail to Thunderbird converter has a licensed version and gives absolute conversion results. In order to learn more about the features of this amazing Mac mail to Thunderbird converter, read the next paragraph.

Experience the full throttle Mac mail to Thunderbird conversion with Mail Extractor Max

It is not only important to know the tool but also to know about the intricate details of it. What’s the point of investing in a product and not being able to reap its benefits? Let’s discuss the features of this Mac mail to Thunderbird converter.


Save time with batch conversion

Converting one file at a time can be painful and time consuming. But Mail Extractor Max rectifies this age old trouble and provides the option of converting a large number of files all at once. This option can further be combined with auto-load option to save even more time.

Convert to multiple formats

Converting Mac mail to Thunderbird is one aspect of this tool. The users can also utilize this tool to convert Apple mail to Outlook for Mac, Entourage, EML, and Thunderbird.

High speed conversions

This tool stands out for its ability to convert the files speedily. As opposed to the sluggish performance of an average tool, this tool converts the files at lightning fast speed.

Preserves attachments

In handling a complex conversion such as Mac mail to Thunderbird conversion, a tool can lose the integrity of the data. But Mail Extractor Max easily converts all the elements of the mails namely attachments, nested messages, etc.

Self explanatory interface

The user interface is quite naturally understood by every user as it is simple and uncomplicated.

Simple conversion process

The conversion process is pretty simple. There is absolutely no external help required to understand the steps and thereby anyone can convert the files easily using this Mac mail to Thunderbird converter.

Free demo version

The tool is available for testing in a free demo trial version mode. Anyone wishing to convert their files from Mac mail to Thunderbird can utilize this option and test all the above mentioned features for themselves.


To download the free trial, click here.