Convert Outlook to MBOX Using PST files Directly in Mac OS X – Quickly, Easily, and Accurately!

Convert Outlook to MBOX file format

Convert Outlook to MBOX with a precision over data integrity and safety that’s unprecedented for email migration. This is now possible with “PST Extractor Pro.”

Converting PST to MBOX files is so far the most efficient method for migrating data from Windows Outlook to Mac Mail. Where, PST = Personal Storage table data file format for Windows Outlook; and MBOX = mailbox file used in Mac Mail.

But the problem with this method, which is otherwise an efficient, method is the lack of good converters. Most of them aren’t adequate in dealing with two very different files. The first phase is scanning and extracting information from the PST files, followed by converting it into MBOX files. The algorithms used in most converters are weak and not precise. They leave items behind, modify some information, and so on.

But there is one tool that goes past all these limitations. It’s called ‘PST Extractor Pro’ and is developed by USL Software.

The difference in PST Extractor Pro is the considerations for users’ needs and demands. For example, the interface of ‘PST Extractor Pro’ is unlike any other you’d have seen. It’s very simple, intuitive and gets the job done without any interruptions or unnecessary asking for inputs from users.

Secondly, it has the power and the necessary algorithms to perform all phases of data export neatly without anything being left behind or unwanted modifications.


Here are some items that you’d find lost using any other ordinary tool, but no so much with ‘PST Extractor Pro’:

  • Images or graphical data embedded with email bodies. These are often found broken in output MBOX files. But ‘PST Extractor Pro’ has a unique programming logic that detects images with all their metadata and properties and convert it all precisely.
  • Email attachments. Rarely does any email is sent without attachments these days. This tool knows how it to convert data without making a mess of email attachments.
  • Non-English text is encoded differently than English characters. And it gets tricky to incorporate those encoding standards. But the developers at USL Software are professional enough to not exclude them. You’d get all your emails with non-English text properly converted.
  • Folder hierarchy is how you structure your emails folders and keep them ordered. This structure is often damaged when exporting data from Outlook to MBOX. Not so much with ‘PST Extractor Pro’.

Besides its excellent ability to convert PST files thoroughly, it also allows few other options that are not common in email migration but should be. For instance: you can split the large MBOX files if you want. Simply set the limit for how big you want your converted MBOX files to be, and the tool will keep that in check. If more storage is needed, it will create additional MBOX files with the same size restriction. This way you don’t have to face trouble while importing oversized MBOX files into Mac Mail or Thunderbird.

USL Software kept every aspect in check. That’s why it is more than just a file converter. It is a complete software package to move your data like a professional. Most of the features that it offers are totally ignored by other developers and companies because it does not directly affect the file conversion. But USL understands that email migration is more than converting the data files; and so, it didn’t ignore anything that can cause snags later down the process.

If you are convinced, download the tool and choose the package that fits you. If not, you can still use the inactivated tool in its trial mode that converts ten items from each folder and gives you access to all the features you need.

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