MBOX to Outlook Converter Free Trial Version - Which Adheres to The Original Data Structure Throughout!

MBOX to Outlook Converter Free Trial Version by USL Software that offers data migration without wrecking the structure of original database.

MBOX to Outlook Converter Free Trial

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The ordinary, and mostly free, MBOX to Outlook converters often fail to keep the integrity of the data in Outlook PST files intact. The output PST files do not reflect the original framework and structure of MBOX files.

  • You would find your email attachments are either lost or not properly in their original place.
  • The way you arranged your emails in folders is also one of the most common element to be damaged during email migration, especially if the MBOX to Outlook Converter you employed is mediocre.
  • The graphical objects that is within the email bodies are also either completely lost or appear to be corrupt. Such defects can be with any form of graphical element, such as photos, logos, icons, graphs, charts, etc.
  • Heavily fragmented non-English text and missing characters, especially CJK languages that uses Chinese characters and derivatives. These languages use 16-bit fixed width encodings (twice that of 8-bit languages), and is now integrated by the Unicode standards. Ordinary MBOX to Outlook Converters free tools fail to convert such complex character encodings.
  • Other types of data fragmentation, such as broken email IDs, missing metadata (subject, timestamps, etc.), nested messages, and the loss of read/unread status of emails.

Therefore, converting MBOX to Outlook PST files is considered to be a tricky job. Often, large companies and enterprises create their own custom email migration tool to tailor their specific needs and the complexity of their data.

So, what can you, a home user, do to migrate your Mac Mail data to Windows Outlook files without any such limitations and without wrecking your data integrity.

MBOX to Outlook Converter Tool

USL Software brings the answer. The precisely calibrated tool called “Mail Extractor Pro” from USL Software is now here as the best MBOX to Outlook converter and is available as a free trial edition.


All the challenges stated above in regards to the data corruption and fragmentation, won’t be observed with “Mail Extractor Pro.” Its utmost precise algorithms ensure that every single component from Mail or MBOX files is detected and properly converted. You won’t find a single attachment lost or broken, or damaged graphical data, or messed up folder hierarchy, or anything of such sort.

There is even full support for double-byte characters such as Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. Every single string of text will be scanned thoroughly by the tool for conversion and the extracted information is implemented into Outlook PST files without exception.

Where most other tools fail to give even satisfying results, “Mail Extractor Pro” reaches to the perfection and delivers professional level results.

In spite of all that, the tool is incredibly easy to use. The interface is designed by a special team of designers, whose sole task was to make the tool as intuitive to use as possible. Right after you launch it for the first time, you’d know what to do. No tutorials necessary. No technical knowledge of email migration necessary.

It also supports direct autoloading of Mac Mail database, has ten times faster speed than the others, is backed up by 24x7 customer support, and more.

Get it to try in person. Download the setup here and use the tool in free trial mode before getting yourself the full paid version.